5-a-Side Football Fun

Experience the Thrill of the Game at ALSAA Astro!

Immerse yourself in the excitement of football at our two state-of-the-art 5-a-side AstroTurf pitches. Hone your passes and score sensational goals on this all-weather playing surface. Ideal for enthusiasts and players of all ages and skill levels, our floodlit grounds offer the perfect setting for camaraderie, fitness, and fun. Whether you’re competing on a crisp winter evening or enjoying a relaxed summer game, our facilities are ready for your football adventures.

Score Goals, Share Laughs: Get Fit with Every Kick

Lacing up for 5-a-side is more than just a game – it's your escape to a world where fitness and banter collide with the beautiful game. It's not just about the goals you slot past the keeper; it's the laughs, the saves, the near-misses, and the craic. It's where you can sprint, jog, or show off your skills, all while getting a top-notch workout that doesn't feel like one. And the best bit? You're together with a squad of mates who share that passion for the pitch. So, whether you're in it to win or just for the kickabouts, remember – every match is a chance to play, to connect in the real world, and to dodge the couch in the most enjoyable way possible. Game on!

Facilities That Score

Embrace the game within our two secure, floodlit pitches, ensuring your safety and an uninterrupted play no matter the hour. There’s ample parking and space on the pitchside to warm up. Our modern changing rooms, fully equipped with lockers and showers, are available if you prefer to slip into your kit indoors.

Booking Your Pitch is a Breeze

Reserve your prime time slot with just a few clicks. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, our pitches are open from 9 am for only €35 per hour, with evening bookings from 5 pm at €45 per hour. Our two pitches can be booked on the hour.

Beyond the Game

Extend your visit by taking advantage of our sports centre, including a gym, weights room, swimming pools, water suite and a track. Members can enjoy these for free, while our visiting players can indulge for a modest charge. Find out more about our membership options today.

Celebrations with a Sporty Twist

Transform any birthday into a festival of football with our Astro Party offerings, or double the delight with our unique Bowling/Astro combo parties. Click below for more details about our party packages.