Swimming Lessons

Swim Success at ALSAA: Unlock Your Potential

Welcome to a world where water becomes your playground – the ALSAA Swim Academy! Our 25-metre pool in the Dublin Airport Complex, offers comprehensive swimming lessons and classes for all ages, abilities and ambitions.

Learn to swim in an environment that’s focused on safety, support, improved physical health and well-being.

Whether you are an adult who wants to learn and improve, a parent in search of engaging, supportive and fun swim lessons for your child, or an athlete with aspirations of triathlon glory, our skilled instructors provide a range of classes tailored to every swimmer’s needs.

Children’s Lessons

Adult Lessons

1:1 Lessons

Lifesaving Training

Triathlon Training

Children's Swim Lessons: Dive into Fun and Learning

For Our Young Swimmers

7 levels, covering all four strokes in small class sizes

A vibrant mix of games, drills and swimming skills from expert teachers.

Our classes are designed with the busy lives of kids and parents in mind.

Helps each swimmer understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Children receive certifications and detailed feedback cards, encouraging continuous development.

Dedicated swim coordinators to support parents, instructors and kids for a seamless learning experience.

Competitive Swimming Options For Kids

From the age of 7, kids can join the ALSAA Swim Club and be part of a friendly, inclusive and quality-coached club. The Swim Club offers both competitive and improver programmes when the sport can be encouraged, skills enhanced, and stamina developed in line with their personal goals, interests and proficiency in swimming.

Power in Your Hands

Perfect for sculpting and strength, our comprehensive selection of free weights, in their own dedicated area, is ideal for those who seek a more targeted workout. Free weights offer freedom and challenges that define your physique, and bring your strength training to a whole new level.

2 Swimming Pools

Take advantage of our competition-sized 25m swimming pool in the Airport Complex to improve your swimming or to balance your land-based routine with stamina-building lane swims. If you’re looking to relax muscles and mind you can always enjoy a leisurely swim in our 8m Water Suite pool, next to the Bowling Centre.

Adult Swim Lessons: From Beginner to Pro

Swimming knows no age limit. Whether you're taking your first strokes or aiming to enhance your skills, our adult swim lessons cater to all skill levels - beginner, improver, intermediate and advanced. With classes for every level, you’re sure to find your perfect level. Our experienced instructors guide you through skills, techniques and fitness, while tailoring each session to your individual needs and goals. Progress, enjoy and immerse yourself in this life skill of immeasurable value.

Indoor Running Track

Bring the outdoors in with our 150-metre elevated track that brings a little tradition to your training. It’s a versatile space that’s a firm favourite whether you’re warming up, cooling down, sheltering from our inclement weather during your daily walk, or mixing up your training runs with intervals, tempo runs and fartleks.

Circuits & Functional Training

Want some quiet workout space? Focus on functional training away from the hustle and bustle of the main gym. Our quiet third floor houses a dedicated functional training space, an 18 station circuit room and a calm, relaxing stretching area away from the main floor.