Gym Programmes

Start Your Fitness Journey with ALSAA

Because Personalized Plans Mean Better Results

Start your fitness journey with a plan that’s tailored to your unique goals at ALSAA. Our certified instructors are dedicated to crafting a personalised gym programme that’s perfect for you. Begin with a comprehensive fitness assessment that evaluates your strengths and targets areas for growth, whether you’re a newcomer to fitness or a seasoned athlete.

Inclusive Fitness for All Levels

At ALSAA, we celebrate diversity in fitness. Our programmes are meticulously adapted to welcome members of all abilities and ages. With a holistic approach to fitness, we ensure that each member finds their comfort zone, and is then gently guided beyond it. We’re here to empower you, whether you’re taking your first fitness steps or are on the verge of your next athletic breakthrough.

We celebrate your milestones with you. Regular check-ins and progress updates ensure your fitness journey is consistently moving forward. Our team adjusts your programme as needed, ensuring each step you take is in the right direction.


Our gym is not just equipped with the best in fitness machinery—it’s staffed by a group of passionate and committed fitness mentors, each with expertise to share. Whether you yearn for high-energy dynamism, empathetic encouragement, or strategic precision, we have the perfect instructor for you.

How to Reach Us

Let’s schedule your first session! Our team is eager to assist and answer any queries you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and start the journey that could lead to a transformative chapter in your life.

Join the ALSAA family for a fitness experience that’s as comprehensive as it is personal. Your path to a fitter, happier you begins here.

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