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Welcome to ALSAA classes, where we prioritise your fitness transformation. Every step you take towards fitness is a leap towards a healthier, happier you. Our comprehensive range of fitness classes is designed to cater to your unique needs, tastes, and proficiency levels, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey.

Dive into the world of dynamic workouts and discover the best version of yourself.

Classes Timetable

Our fitness classes are open to members and their guests. We’re invested in providing a comprehensive health and well-being space for our entire community in North Dublin. However, members benefit from the use of the gym, dedicated pool times, access to our Water Suite along with a host of other benefits.

Ready to transform your fitness routine?

Explore our class schedule and find the perfect match for your goals. Embrace the ALSAA way of fitness – efficient, diverse, and community-driven. Your journey to a healthier, happier you starts here.

Click the days below to view classes and times on that day. 

10am:  Instructors Choice

11am:  Aqua Fit 40 minutes

1.15pm:  Tone & Sculpt

5.45pm:  Spinning 45 minutes

7pm:  Blast Circuit

10am:  Body Sculpt

1.15pm:  30 Minute Body Sculpt

7pm:  Kettlebells 40 Minutes

9.30am:  30 Minute Blast Circuit

10am:  Aqua Fit (45 Mins) 

1.15am:  Express Spinning 30 Minutes

6.30pm:  Spinning 45 Minutes

7.15pm:  Suspension Training

10am:  Spinning 45 Mins

10am:  Aqua Fit Main Pool

1.15pm:  BLT 30 Mins

7pm:  40 Mins Body Sculpt

9.30am:  Instructors Combo

11am:  Aqua Fit 40 Mins

1.15pm:  30 Mins Combo

10.30am:  40 Minute Burn & Tone

ALSAA Fitness Suite

Quick, Efficient, Transformative

Enhanced Fitness Suite Features:

Convenient Scheduling

Classes available six days a week to fit your busy lifestyle.

Efficient Full-Body Workouts

Classes available six days a week to fit your busy lifestyle.

Designed for Busy People

Specifically tailored for those with demanding schedules, seeking both the dynamism of group classes and the efficiency of quick workouts.

Inclusive and Adaptable

Our workouts are versatile, accommodating all fitness levels within a controlled, instructor-led setting, ensuring everyone’s journey is safe and effective.

Expert Instruction

Sessions are led by our most seasoned fitness instructors, guaranteeing you not only achieve your fitness goals but also advance safely and steadily.

Variety in Every Class

With our commitment to diversity in routines, you’ll find that no two classes are alike, offering you fresh, exciting, and continuously engaging workout experiences.

Enhanced Fitness Suite Features:

Warm-Up Circuit:

Warm-Up Circuit: Start with a warm-up circuit, spending 20-30 seconds at approximately 10 different cardiovascular stations. From jumping jacks to jogging on the spot, these exercises are designed to elevate your heart rate and prep your body.

Full Body Circuit:

Move to a full circuit of 18 stations, targeting all major muscle groups and alternating with a cardio exercise. Work on power, strength, endurance, or speed and coordination. There’s no time to be bored!

Tailored Intensity:

Each class varies in intensity and focus, depending on your group's level and the instructor. Working with experienced instructors, the station is adapted to your level.

Typical Exercises

Please note that exercises, circuit number and circuit length will vary from class to class and between fitness instructors.

A Class for Every Goal

Dive into resistance training with bodyweight exercises. Enhance strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability.

Challenge yourself with this exhilarating cardiovascular cycling workout, ideal for weight loss and toning.

Low-impact workouts in water, offering resistance in a playful environment.

A quick 15-minute intensive on core strengthening. And guess what? It’s free!

Mould your body into its fittest form with our Body Sculpt class.

Focus on Bums, Legs, and Tums for an effective calorie-burning session.

Improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Bring your mat and immerse yourself on a journey of physical mindfulness.

Burn up to 12 calories a minute while working multiple muscle groups.

High-intensity workouts using diverse equipment for all-around fitness.